Last month, I posted a video of the world’s largest watermelon being harvested. It made me think I’d like to put my green(ish) thumb to the test by growing my own record breaker. So I did some research.

Turns out, growing a world record watermelon like the current record holder above isn’t easy. The biggest weigh over 100 pounds, with many weighing over 200 pounds. You have to pay a lot of special attention to it, being sure to plant the seeds at the right time, weeding the area regularly, and giving it just the right amount of fertilizer and water. Plus the weather conditions for the year need to be just right in order to help it reach its full potential. Watermelons in general prefer warmer temperatures and the longer growing seasons of the south, which also has higher temperatures, make growing giant watermelons easier.

But not just any watermelon seeds will do. Some places, like this one, specialize in selling giant watermelon seeds in varieties like the Carolina Cross, Black Diamond and the Georgia Rattlesnake. I personally have never tried growing a watermelon (I’m more of an eater than a farmer), but this sounds like a lot of fun… even if all you do is try to top your personal best each year!


  1. Linda A. says:

    Hi, Watermelon Guy! Interesting blog! Sounds like growing giant watermelons is very similar to growing giant pumpkins. There are special seeds for growing those, too. We don’t grow many watermelons here in New England, but we do grow pumpkins, and I’ve seen some whoppers. Six, seven, eight hundred-plus pounders aren’t all that unusual.

  2. The Watermelon Guy says:

    WOW! An 800 pound pumpkin? That thing would be a blast to carve up for Halloween. And don’t even get me started on how many seeds you could roast from that thing.

  3. marcia K says:

    my greatgrandfather had watermelons on his farm in oklahoma(Caddo county) that regularly went over a 100#… I have an old photo somehwere where it too 3 men to carry one. I miss breaking open a giant melon, washing my hands, breaking open another (in the field of course) and just eating the hearts.. ah the good old days.. these melons were so sweet too..not like most today, or is it that watermelons were sweeter when you were younger?

  4. Adrian says:

    Greetings from the swamps of SW Louisiana. I currently live in the middle of what once was a lively water melon field about 5 years ago. I recently planted some Carolina Cross seed from ferry morse that were given to me and was told they could be so giants. and was curious as to see if i might get some pointers an suggestions from those in amongst the water melon loving community i also planted a few moon & stars and some seed from a melon market what a melon. i have a lot of room to work with and i have had some luck in the past with just regular melons so figure what the heck we love us some melons here in the south.

  5. Davide says:

    hya… yes i’m tring in Portugal and using the american carolina cross, (the one that we see in your video, its not that hard to grow it giant.. it just need to be in the summer, and there is a trick, you guys must just let grow one fruit per pllant, so it consumes all the energy a get bigger

  6. chris says:

    my first year growing carolina cross watermelons .i grew one 108# one 97# and a 62#.lots of fun.grown in southwest arkansas.

  7. Greg Patrick says:

    When i was a kid my dad growed some watermelons that were around 30 lbs.I was wanting to grow some with my kids here in Tuscumbia,AL.Any ideas would be welcome.

  8. drake says:

    i wish i could grow a melon that big im gonna try growing a carolina cross so i figured to gro a massive melon is one per plant but the other plants ill allow to grow many others whe i grew pumpkins when the fruit was tiny i put a tube inside it and it held onto the tube so every week i used to inject it with fully carbonated oj crush and butter milk it seemed to make it gro absolutely massive i kept pinching the tip of the bottom of it and each week it gained 20 pounds so i guessed by the end of the season it would be almost 1000 pounds and it turned to be 827.2 pounds heh my jackolantern needed 9 candles and i roasted and ate more than 40000 seeds i only saved 9 lol

  9. randy says:

    using hard boiled egg water is it good for your plant

  10. john says:

    when you lay out your furrows, take a bottom buster plow and lay out a deep ditch right where your furrow will be. Lay the fertilizer to it, lots of it. go back over with you bedder and lay out your furrow and plant. This will may the roots go deep, which will aid in growth, especially when it gets dry in July. When your vines run and make melons, thin them to two melons per vine and keep watered. Don’t fertilize after melons form or they’ll grow to fast and bust.

  11. Professor53 says:

    Growing giant watermelons in Waimea Hawaii on island of Kaui. Warm winters and lots of rain.

  12. Meloncrawl says:

    weeks nc giants look em up

  13. Meloncrawl says:

    Growing the weeks nc giants here in carolina!

  14. Audrey says:

    Do these watermelons taste great? seems everyone is growing for size and not for taste? I want big watermelons but to eat not to take to fairs. My judges will be my special Ed. Students. To see something this big that they would have a hand in growing would give them something to talk about!!!

  15. dana mastro says:

    hey I got some rattlesnake and Carolina cross and this spring im about to put in my drip irrigation :) <3 was wondering what fertilizer should I use to grow these guys? could you shoot me an email on how you do it and if there's any mulching tips I heard of blue mulch being helpful for watermelons thnx guys A+

  16. djsax says:

    Me wanna be a crazy farmer,plc teach me how to plant the bigest watermelon fruit.

  17. diebes says:

    randy. To anser your question yes egg shells are made of calcium carbonate which can be a great fertilizer depending on whet you are growing. But you might as well just crush up the egg shels and use them

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