I get a little excited whenever I see a bin piled high with sweet, beautiful watermelon, so I can only imagine my level of excitement if I were to come across the green sea of awesomeness pictured above.

The photo was taken in Cambodia where, apparently, farmers always bring at least a billion of their signature crop with them to the market on Sundays. Actually, I’m not sure how many watermelons are in that picture. Leave a comment below with your best guess while I try to track down the farmer to ask him for the actual number.


  1. Dawn Cheplick says:

    4000 watermelons are in the Cambodia bunch.

  2. Juley Harper says:

    That is the most beautiful sight I have ever seen!!!!! YummmmyyyyY!

  3. The Watermelon Guy says:

    For me, that’s enough watermelons to last the whole summer … or at least until August.

  4. Octavia says:

    6,422 watermelons

  5. Roman says:

    I expect to harvest my watermelons in about a week’s time, I am looking for the market if you have it.I am in kenya and we can get you more than 40 tonnes

  6. WALTER says:

    i love water melons yummt

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