picLately, the prizes here on the watermelon blog have focused on drinks (watermelon water in January and watermelon-flavored drops in February). I’ve decided to continue the trend with our April prize – the watermelon tumbler you see on the right.

Amazon describes the 16-ounce tumbler as “great for hot or cold drinks” and notes that you can use it for “everything from smoothies to hot coffee drinks.” The tumbler is made of durable BPA-free acrylic and has double wall insulation so your drink will stay cooler or hotter longer. The double wall insulation also prevents condensation, which is also nice.

I personally don’t use a lot of tumblers – I’m more of a whatever-cup-I-can-get-my-hands-on kind of guy – but I’d definitely put this one to good use. I’d fill it with iced coffee and iced tea. Pretty much anything icy. I’d experiment with hot beverages, too, but that might be tricky with the straw.

To be entered to win this hand vessel, leave a comment below with what you’d fill this watermelon tumbler with. I’ll choose one comment at random from all the comments left on the blog this month as the winner. Good luck!


  1. Karen Gurtler says:

    I love it!! I’d fill it with ice water and frozen watermelon cubes.:)

  2. Fiona says:

    Well that’s easy! I LOVE watermelon, and the fact that it is so good for my family’s health. I would liquidize a watermelon after removing the seeds and quickly blend in a small sprig of fresh garden mint. I would freeze it in ice cube trays and pour into that beautiful glass to enjoy under the shade of a cherry tree in my summer garden.

  3. Juley Nelson Harper says:

    I need this!!!!I carry a tumbler in to my college classroom every day and my students constantly ask me why I don’t have a watermelon tumbler. I cannot find one!! If I had this one I would fill it with delicious Sweet Tea!!!!

  4. Lori B. says:

    I’d fill it with watermelon slush!

  5. Victoria says:

    I would fill this watermelon tumbler with a WATERMELON AND LEMON FIZZ!!! A super great drink for summer/spring :)

  6. Pamela Gaymon says:

    Well i just love tumblers.And i’d fill mine with a nice refreshing cold drink.And if it happens to be Watermelon related would make it all the better !!!

  7. Debi says:

    Why I would fill it with a watermelon and mint infused spa water. Or more likely some water.

  8. Rhonda Alderman says:

    I would put ice cold sweet tea with a lemon wedge in this watermelon tumbler

  9. Brook Hernandez says:

    Ice cold watermelon lemonade!

  10. SHEILA says:

    I would probably add a little watermelon wine and sit out in the sun and soak up some rays of sunshine, oh wait we haven’t had much sun and warm weather yet. Summer please hurry!!!!

  11. Watermelon says:

    I’d fill it with the finest watermelon juice money can buy.

  12. Sanda Mohamed says:

    watermelon wine

  13. Christine says:

    Oh my how I love this tumbler. I drink ALOT of water in the Summer with lemon and even Watermelon ice cubes. This would be perfect!! It will also be great for me to share a few sips with my grandkids…they LOVE to takes sips of Nana’s drinks.

  14. The Watermelon Guy says:

    Congrats to Christine! She’s the winner of this month’s prize…and thanks to everyone for commenting for a chance to win it!

  15. Amy says:

    Well this would be a thank you gift to my daughter’s friend for driving her to band, swim, and choir practice for the last 6 months, so I would fill it with candy and gas gift card! She had a watermelon tumbler that she used for water all the time until it broke, so this would be perfect!

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