Now that it finally feels like the warm weather is here to stay, I think it’s officially time to bring on the bonfires and BBQs (and, yes, I pronounce them “B-B-Qs”).


Summer picnics are always a treat, especially when my relatives bring the party to our backyard. By now, I’m sure you know that I have a big appetite, but throw a few of my uncles and cousins into the mix, and it’s an all-out eating competition.

We could make eating canned soup a contest, because we’ve always been competitive in spirit, ever since we were kids. My favorite contest was the chip and dip contest. It’s not because I love dip, but because we decided to take away our ability to use our hands or arms.

That fond yet messy family reunion memory is what inspired this month’s prize, the Watermelon Salsa Dip Serving Bowl you see above. I knew it would be a great addition to anyone’s family picnic or, if you’re like my family, a competitive eating contest. I’ll choose one lucky commenter at random to win this serving bowl. Good luck!

UP NEXT: Which part of the watermelon is the most useful?

Remember, all comments left on the blog this month are entered to win our June prize – a set of watermelon dip bowls – so comment as often as you’d like! 


  1. Stephanie McGlothlin says:

    I’d put chocolate sauce, marshmallow sauce, and strawberry cream cheese dip in these :)

  2. Cathy Bradford says:

    Fire and Ice Salsa, Tropical Cilantro Salsa and Tomatillo and Watermelon Salsa

  3. Melanie Cramer says:

    The three dips I would choose are:Snickerdoodle vanilla yogurt dip, chocolate Kahlua whipped cream and a wonderful Lime Rickey yogurt

  4. Debbie Trotter says:

    I love different kinds of dip. My husband is gone 2 or 3 weeks at a time.When he gets home we’re usually celebrating some kind of holiday or birthday. He’s only home 2 days so we make the best of it. We love salsa, and cheese dip. And chocolate dips. And ranch,
    We love all kinds. Thank you.

  5. Amber says:

    Those are adorable!!

    I would pick..

    Pulled pork n watermelon bbq sauce
    Watermelon bbq sauce
    And the watermelon rind pickles!

  6. Eileen Follette says:

    Absolutley Love it !

  7. Dale Harper says:

    That’s easy! Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate! This is a very unique bowl. We collect all things watermelon and I have not seen this one.

  8. Ross Remenak says:

    I’d put guacamole dip, onion dip, and sour cream dip

  9. Tina Machia says:

    I would serve my favorite fruit salsa is this beautiful dip dish.

  10. Tina Machia says:

    I would serve my favorite fruit salsa, my cream cheese and chocolate dip, as well as my watermelon jelly from last months what about watermelon post recipe.

  11. Jennifer Essad says:

    mmmm, I’m thinking a peanut butter marshmallow dip, a white chocolate dip and a 3 berry dip

  12. Aneta Lekas says:

    I would use the bowl for the dessert. Waffles are my favorite- baked by my fellow watermelon carver Kate. (better then Belgian)
    One souse would be the strawberry, second would be blueberry and of course whipped cream. That would break my most ambitious weight lose diet (which lasts 6 weeks – very strict). What I love about that diet is the fact that from the 3rd week I can eat a watermelon:) By the way I already have a watermelon bowl to put the waffles in 😉

  13. Jennifer Essad says:

    rethinking my choices I think it would be fun to get creative and make a watermelon salsa and offer mild medium and hot

  14. Kimberly Becker says:

    Margarita Dip for the fruit, Corn dip for a touch of sweetness and Jalapeno Popper dip for the spice of life.

  15. The Watermelon Guy says:

    Congrats to Amber! She’s the winner of this month’s prize…and thanks to everyone for leaving a comment!

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