March 30th, 2015 by The Watermelon Guy

I was raised in a pretty rural region of Pennsylvania, and I even spent a few summers helping on my cousin’s dairy farm. But that’s pretty much where my farming experience ends. I definitely don’t have a green thumb (remember my failed attempt to grow a watermelon?), but my limited interaction with farmers gives me a great appreciation for all the hard work they do to grow the fruits and vegetables so many of us take for granted.


Another thing I can appreciate is any equipment, products or practices that make life easier for farmers. Because, let’s face it, those hard-working men and women put in some pretty long hours. One of those products is something called DegriFilm, and it’s made by a company called EcoPoly Solutions.

Oftentimes, farmers of crops (including watermelon) will cover the soil with a plastic mulch covering. Even casual gardeners will sometimes use plastic, which works well to keep weeds and pests at bay. The only problem with plastic, however, is that it has to be removed from the ground after it’s served its purpose. And when you’re a farmer with hundreds or thousands of acres of land, that process can get a little time-consuming…and expensive.

That’s where DegriFilm comes in.

After DegriFilm is on the ground, it provides all of the protection of standard plastic mulch, but here’s the kicker: it never needs to be removed and disposed of. That’s because DegriFilm is biodegradable. And when it breaks down naturally, it converts itself into CO2, water and biomass to feed the soil and make it healthy and ready for next year’s crop.

It also saves money. According to the DegriFilm website, it saves between $100 and $200 per acre. Again, when you’ve several hundred acres, that savings can really add up.

What can farmers do with all of that extra money? They can buy better farm equipment, for starters. Or hire a few extra farmhands, which means the farmers might get a few extra hours off at the end of the day. Or maybe the farmers can take a vacation to Hawaii. They definitely deserve a little toes-in-the-sand time off, that’s for sure.

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