September 24th, 2014 by The Watermelon Guy


What are some signs that fall has arrived? Obviously, the calendar is a good indication. Yesterday marked the first official day of fall, which means that the greatest season of the year is officially over, and the third greatest season has begun.

The temperature dropping a bit, the leaves changing colors, and long-sleeved shirts making an appearance are also good autumnal cues. For watermelon lovers, another dead giveaway that fall is upon us is the disappearance of the big cardboard bin of watermelons from your local grocery store. Or, if you’re like the store in the photo above, you just fill the empty watermelon bin up with pumpkins. (Feel to leave a comment with your best caption for this photo.)

I don’t know about you, but seeing a watermelon bin filled with pumpkins is a little painful. It’s kind of like the pumpkins are saying, “Ha ha, watermelon! Your season is over! Why don’t you go hang out in that section of the produce aisle under the bagged salad while we take over your summer apartment here at the front of the store?”

Of course, it’s not like watermelon completely disappears in the fall and winter. Like Pumpkin pointed about above, it can still be found, but it just doesn’t have the real estate it used to. Which is more than you can say for pumpkins. Have you ever seen a pumpkin in the grocery store in July? Exactly.

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October 30th, 2009 by The Watermelon Guy


The fall season has definitely arrived in my neck of the woods. The foliage peaked a week or so ago and the leaves have begun piling up in lawns. But one thing many of you may have noticed is that the big cardboard bin of watermelons at your local grocery store has been replaced by a big cardboard bin of pumpkins. (I’d rather have the watermelons, thank you very much.)

Don’t worry. It’s normal for this time of year.

Yes, it was nice to be greeted by that bin of watermelons as soon as you walked into the store, but that reminder is gone now. The good news is, you can still buy watermelon, you just have to know where to look. For me, it’s in the chilled produce section, all the way on the far end next to the bagged salads. That’s where the sliced watermelon sits all year round. Maybe you never noticed them (they can be easy to miss), or maybe you forgot they were there. But there they are, all wrapped in plastic with their little price tag sticker on them, just waiting to go home with someone and bring a taste of the summer to their fall or winter day.

Some of you may still be lucky enough to find whole watermelon in your local store, and some of you may have been buying the sliced and chilled variety all along. Either way, it’s nice to know that watermelon addicts like us still have a place to go to satisfy our cravings.

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