October 31st, 2014 by The Watermelon Guy

Happy Halloween, everyone! I found the image above while poking around for a Halloween-related watermelon photo. It’s an eerie postcard from the olden days, made only eerier by the “Salem, Mass” at the top. (Home of the infamous Salem Witch Trials, of course.)

What I don’t understand about the image is why a witch would need to be chauffeured around in a watermelon car in the first place? I mean, aren’t witches supposed to be able to fly on brooms? She’s even holding her broom! One possible explanation is that she just likes to show off her awesome watermelon car. I know I would if I had one. Or maybe her broom isn’t working and she’s on her way to get it repaired. Yeah, that’s probably what’s happening in this picture.

Not all vintage Halloween postcards feature watermelon (actually, the card above was the only one I found). Most are just weird. Like the one below. The little witch is adorable, but that thing standing next to her would get a door slammed in his face if he ever stopped by my house for a trick-or-treat visit. And I’m pretty sure he stole the little witch’s hat. Give it back, Mr. Creepy. While you’re at it, please put the cat down.


Nowadays, when I think of watermelon and Halloween, I much prefer images like the one below. I carved this charming jack-o-melon last year and even propped him up on my front porch with a candle inside. It’s simple, it’s festive, and it doesn’t make me afraid to open my door when I hear a little tap-tap-tapping on my door on Halloween night.


UP NEXT: Our November prize!

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