June 10th, 2009 by The Watermelon Guy


File this one under “awesome” and “I want one now!” Japanese farmers have been experimenting with growing watermelon in shapes other than the traditional round or oblong shapes we’re used to seeing (case in point, the square watermelon and pyramid watermelon).

Now they’ve taken it one step further with the heart-shaped watermelon! Hirochi Kimura and his wife spent three years perfecting the art of growing these tokens of affection on their farm in Kumamoto, Japan. They say the shape symbolizes “their passion for farming and their affection for each other.”

Judging by the photo above, the couple’s hard work paid off beautifully. (I have trouble growing normal-shaped things in my garden!) And here’s the kicker: Unlike the now famous square watermelons, these heart-shaped watermelons are created without the use of forms placed around the fruit to shape it while it grows.

Twenty of the creations were shipped to a few Japanese department stores just in time for Mother’s Day last Sunday. The cost: 15,750 yen each. That translates to roughly 162 American dollars. Hopefully, the cost comes down as the Kimuras find a way to mass produce their gardening art!

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