August 17th, 2009 by The Watermelon Guy

Ahh, back to school time. Some kids are excited about it. Some kids dread it. I was one of the few who got excited about it. I’d lay out all my new school supplies days ahead of time. Sharpening all my new pencils perfectly, zipping them up in the little plastic pouch in my Trapper Keeper. And who can forget the smell of new school clothes?

tinywatermelon_2_2School lunch was a memorable experience, too. Occasionally, I’d get watermelon in my lunchbox (thanks mom!), which happens to be the topic of this post.

Moms everywhere: If your son or daughter is packing a lunch this year (I’m assuming kids still do that), please consider changing up the ol’ apple and orange fruit rotation by putting a little watermelon in there now and then. (And by “little watermelon” I don’t mean the pint-sized treat pictured above, although that would be pretty cool if you could find it.)

If you need some ideas, you can find some fun recipes for kids on the National Watermelon Promotion Board website. Some might be good for lunchboxes. If you want to do something simple, consider just a few chunks of watermelon in a baggie. It’s nutritious, it’s delicious… it’s fun! Throw in a few banana slices and grapes, put it in a plastic container, and that’s great too.

I assure you, a non-profit group of children who are fed up with boring lunches didn’t put me up to writing this blog entry. It’s just a simple plea from the kid in me who remembers how great it was to get some watermelon for a mid-afternoon snack now and then.

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