March 22nd, 2010 by The Watermelon Guy

katsuyamojitoI’ll shed no tears over the passing of the winter. Nope. Not a single one. That’s because anyone who knows me knows that I’m a warm weather person. I enjoy getting outdoors (without having to wear eight layers of clothes), I enjoy baseball (not played as a video game in December), and I enjoy watermelon (which I can indulge in year round, but particularly enjoy this time of year and into the summer).

Of course, it’s always spring and summer in Hollywood, even in the middle of January. A friend who knows about my love of watermelon, passed along a story about a non-alcoholic watermelon mojito served up at Hollywood sushi hotspot, Katsuya. That’s a shot of the drink on the right.

I checked out Katsuya’s website and found the recipe for this tasty beverage, which I’ve included below as seen on their beverage menu.  The “13” indicates the price – as in dollars.


In case you’re curious, the cost of dinner at a trendy Hollywood hot spot like Katsuya isn’t as much as you might think. A bowl of Miso soup (you’ve gotta have Miso soup with your sushi) is only four bucks, and a nicely sized sushi sampler (say that three times fast) will run you $30. If sushi isn’t your thing, you can chow down on some chicken teriyaki for about half that price. Whether or not you’ll find a seat or be able to get reservations is another matter altogether.

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