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While most watermelons end up on picnic tables (or recipes for things like Grilled Watermelon Burgers), there are a few brave melons that endure the test of human curiosity. Although there’s no official historical account of when folks first started doing crazy experiments with watermelons, I’d guess they’ve been using them in the name of science (and entertainment) for just as long as they’ve been eating them.

One of my favorite experiments is the infamous watermelon vs. rubber bands game. As you’ll see in the videos below, the test is to see just how many rubber bands can be wrapped around a watermelon before it succumbs to the pressure and eventually explodes in the faces of the brave souls sitting around it.

Of the 10,000+ YouTube videos that exist testing this, here are a few of my favorites.

This video from the Crazy Russian Hacker shows the watermelon literally exploding from the pressure of the rubber bands (though I’m not sure how many rubber bands it took). You can actually see the pressure building in the watermelon as it starts to expand.

The Slow Mo Guys found that the watermelon began to crack before eventually exploding in an incredible slow-motion spectacle (I especially love the guys’ reactions). They describe it as “the perfect way to cut a watermelon in half,” so if you ever forget to bring a knife to the picnic, be sure to carry 500 rubber bands, and you’ll be set!

The last video from Gateway Films is also really entertaining. Around the watermelon’s breaking point, you can see it slowly begins to crack until it all goes flying, much to the boys’ excitement. I just hope they ate the watermelon afterward; I’d hate to see it go to waste!

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