July 6th, 2009 by The Watermelon Guy

candleBehold the watermelon candle. I actually smelled this candle not long ago in a store. It smelled the way I imagine a giant watermelon patch in Georgia might smell right before the harvest. Of course, watermelon patches probably don’t smell anything like this candle. They probably smell like wet dirt and fertilizer, but who wants a candle that smells like wet dirt and fertilizer?

Like most food-scented candles, it made me wish I had a spoon so I could scoop some up and see if it tasted just as good. Maybe spread it on toast or something. But enough about my weird sensory impulses. (Although, in my defense, the website does describe the candle as “so life-like, it makes you almost want to take a bite.”)

I’ll send one of these mouth-watering candles to one commenter chosen at random this month. Please don’t try eating it. I was only kidding about that… sort of.

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