August 10th, 2009 by The Watermelon Guy

iceboxwatermleonSo far in our ongoing “Behind the Watermelon” series, we’ve learned about the yellow flesh watermelon. Today I thought I’d shed a little light on a popular variety known as the Ice Box.

The round Ice Box is one of the smaller types of watermelon (5 to 15 pounds) and is available in varieties like the Tiger Baby, Sugar Baby, Mickeylee, Minilee, Petite Sweet, and Yellow Doll. With such adorable names, it’s no wonder the Ice Box is one of America’s most popular watermelons (just ask this person). Other than cute names, they’re popular mainly for their compact size, which allows buyers to fit them easily inside their refrigerator or a picnic cooler. For the same reasons, farmers like growing the Ice Box because they can grow more of them in a field.

The Ice Box is available mainly with red flesh, but can also be found with yellow or cream-colored flesh (we’ll cover cream fleshed watermelons in detail in the future).

Overall, I have to admit I’m a big fan of the Ice Box varieties, and not just for the convenient size. I’ve found them to be very sweet and tasty watermelons. Again, that’s probably because of the size because the flavor is more concentrated in a smaller package!

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