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I don’t wear earrings or, as some guys do, even a single earring. When I was 14 years old, I wanted an earring, though. A few of my friends had one and, like most teenagers, I was willing to do whatever it took to follow in their sometimes-misguided footsteps.

And so, I summoned the courage to ask my parents if I could get my ear pierced. To my surprise, my parents obliged, but with one condition: I had to let my grandfather be the one to give me that piercing. (Apparently, he had some experience with the task, which surprised me even more than my parents’ willing response.)

I was already squeamish at the thought of putting a hole in my head, but the idea of letting my 70-something-year-old granddad do the job was enough to make me call off my plans to join my friends in their pursuit of early-90s coolness.

Of course, if I did pierce my year back then, I probably would have worn a simple gold stud and not the silver-plated watermelon earrings featured as this week’s National Watermelon Month prize. That’s them in the photo at the top of this entry. They’re tiny, they’re tasteful, and they’re perfect for the watermelon lover in your life.

I’ll give them away to one commenter chosen at random from all the comments left on the blog this month. To get the conversation started, feel free to answer this question: If you have your ear(s) pierced, would you wear these earrings? If not, do you know someone who would?


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