January 15th, 2015 by The Watermelon Guy

I’m not a big fan of cold weather, which means I spend much of the winter huddled up in the warmth of my home, counting the days until spring. How I pass my time during those chilly days varies, but it usually involves reading, watching movies and playing Chutes & Ladders and dress-up with my daughter.

I also enjoy a good crossword puzzle now and then. With that in mind, I’ve created the watermelon crossword below. Feel free to test your watermelon knowledge (and avoid the arctic chill of winter) by giving it your best shot. I tried to make it relatively easy, but I mixed in some tougher answers as well. Leave a comment with the answer (or answers) that stumped you the most!




2. Underside spot color
5. Watermelon relative
8. Watermelon royalty title
9. Top watermelon-growing state
10. Popular watermelon cut
11. Here, watermelon is given as a gift to hosts
12. Watermelon without spitting projectiles
15. National Watermelon Promotion Board abbreviation
16. Host town of annual World Championship Seed Spitting Contest
17. World’s #1 producer of watermelon

1. Important insect in growing process
3. Official name: Citrullus ________
4. 92 percent of watermelon
5. Early explorers used them as this water-holding vessel
6. Commonly pickled part
7. Exterior hue
10. Important pre-cutting step
11. ___ Slice: Watermelon board mascot
13. Pigment that gives watermelon its red color
14. One of three key growing ingredients


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