September 24th, 2014 by The Watermelon Guy


What are some signs that fall has arrived? Obviously, the calendar is a good indication. Yesterday marked the first official day of fall, which means that the greatest season of the year is officially over, and the third greatest season has begun.

The temperature dropping a bit, the leaves changing colors, and long-sleeved shirts making an appearance are also good autumnal cues. For watermelon lovers, another dead giveaway that fall is upon us is the disappearance of the big cardboard bin of watermelons from your local grocery store. Or, if you’re like the store in the photo above, you just fill the empty watermelon bin up with pumpkins. (Feel to leave a comment with your best caption for this photo.)

I don’t know about you, but seeing a watermelon bin filled with pumpkins is a little painful. It’s kind of like the pumpkins are saying, “Ha ha, watermelon! Your season is over! Why don’t you go hang out in that section of the produce aisle under the bagged salad while we take over your summer apartment here at the front of the store?”

Of course, it’s not like watermelon completely disappears in the fall and winter. Like Pumpkin pointed about above, it can still be found, but it just doesn’t have the real estate it used to. Which is more than you can say for pumpkins. Have you ever seen a pumpkin in the grocery store in July? Exactly.

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July 2nd, 2014 by The Watermelon Guy


It seems like just yesterday I was raking leaves and shoveling snow. And then I flip the page on my calendar, and it’s July. (And by “calendar,” I’m referring to the one on my smartphone.) Now I’m planning our annual camping trip and a visit to the local amusement park.

Not that I’m complaining. Far from it. By now, you all know that I’m a “summer person,” mainly because I’m an “outdoor person” and also because summer is unofficially “watermelon season.” July – for me, at least – is the centerpiece of summer, and it’s also National Watermelon Month. A whole month dedicated to the celebration of America’s favorite fruit? Count me in!

But let’s not forget the other foods being honored with a month-long party in July. It’s also National Baked Bean Month, and if you can’t have a backyard barbeque without watermelon, you certainly can’t forget the baked beans.

It’s National Hot Dog Month and National Grilling Month, too. Are you sensing a trend here? I am, and it’s delicious. And let’s not forget that July is also National Ice Cream Month. Oh yes, it’s becoming very easy to see why July is my favorite month of the year.

Despite the many excuses to gain 15 pounds this month, the focus on this blog, of course, will be on watermelon. To help with the tribute, I’ll be giving away a watermelon-themed prize each Friday this month. I might be spoiling the surprise, but the prizes will include a watermelon bag (this Friday), watermelon earrings, a battery-powered watermelon fan, and a prize that promises to be the highlight of your next barbeque with friends.

Stay tuned…it’s going to be a delicious 31 days!

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