March 14th, 2014 by The Watermelon Guy

picMy wife recently added a fancy, high-powered blender to our kitchen arsenal, which means we’ll be making all sorts of blended things in the near future. One of those things is a drink known as the Watermelon Zapper.

The Zapper is one of the newer recipes on the National Watermelon Promotion Board’s website. To be honest, the funny name of the recipe was the only reason it caught my eye. (Would the drink zap me? How would it zap me? Do I want to be zapped? More importantly, will it hurt?)

You’ll be happy to know that no actual zapping occurs while making or drinking this beverage. I was actually a little disappointed by that, but oh well. The four-ingredient treat benefits from the use of a blender because all of the phytonutrients and antioxidants are retained (when using a juicer, most of those goodies are thrown away).



2 cups watermelon cubes
1/3 large lemon, peeled
1 1 /2 tablespoons peeled, fresh ginger
2 medium carrots (cut into rounds for the Vitamix only)


In a blender, place watermelon first,then the remaining ingredients. Turn blender on low until watermelon is liquefied, then gradually increase speed. Blend for two minutes.

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