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MICHAEL C. FROM SAN DIEGO, CA, ASKS: Is it okay to eat watermelon seeds?

chefharryFor some reason, our mothers liked to tell us that if we ate a watermelon seed, a watermelon would grow in our stomach. I was never sure where that tall tale came from or why parents perpetuated it, but millions of kids grow up in constant fear of watermelon seeds because they don’t want to wake up one morning with a 10-pound fruit germinating in their belly. Of course, this isn’t true.

Other people (i.e. those over the age of seven who are wise to the stories adults tell) fear that watermelon seeds contain some sort of harmful chemicals and should therefore be avoided at all costs. This isn’t true either.

The truth is, watermelons seeds are 100 percent safe for consumption! I actually know some people who like to eat them, including many who roast them with salt like pumpkin seeds. They’re a tasty snack if you give them a chance. Maybe that’s why our parents told us not to eat the seeds. They wanted us to save them so they could roast them and enjoy them after the kids went to bed. Excuse me… I have to call my mother.

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  1. Darion Wells says:

    hey my nan tells me that the white water melon seeds grow in ur stomach.
    i dont believe it but i just wanna make sure.
    so do they grow in ur stomach or not?
    do black ones or do white ones im afraid to eat watermelon ever sience she told me that so is it true?

  2. The Watermelon Guy says:

    Nope, it sounds like she’s just trying to have some fun with you. No watermelon seeds — black or white — can grow in your stomach. In fact, the white seeds can’t even grow if you planted them in the ground because they’re not mature enough.

    If she is having some fun with you, there has to be a way to turn it around on her. Maybe you can “accidentally” swallow some white watermelon seeds (again, they’re 100 percent safe) and then, about a week later complain of horrible stomach pains and claim that you think you have a watermelon growing in your stomach.

    Then after a few hours of this pain (if she hasn’t already let you off the hook that the seeds are safe), you can pluck a piece of vine with some leaves on it and fall asleep on the couch with the vine sticking out of your mouth or belly button. She probably won’t fall for it, but it’s good for a laugh.

  3. Marilin says:

    Thank you for the comment about watermelon seed being safe, because i was wondering about it, since I love to blend watermelon with the seeds in my blender and drink the juice.

    Thanks again, I sure feel better to do it with a peace of mind.

    God bless you..


  4. Anton says:

    And there’s me thinking i would end up with kidney stones lol, thanks for the clarification!

  5. mary says:

    My toddler likes to eat spill of the watermelon, seeds and all, and i’m glad there are no bad toxins

  6. Stuart says:

    Never heard these tales from my mom, but from personal experience, when I used to make watermelon smoothies, I’d blend the seeds too, but after drinking this mixture, I got stomach cramps every time. I was told there was something in the seeds, don’t remember what, that is released when blended, not eaten whole, or baked. Since then I’ve removed the seeds and never had a problem. What do you think?

  7. Richie says:

    Really? How idiotic is the average American that they do not understand the digestive system of the human body? Do they not understand that no watermelon seed will pass through hydrochloric unharmed?

    A college education changed my life. The world is completely different in your eyes after a few years at a decent college.

  8. Mimi says:

    WHAT!!!! Watermelon won’t grow n ur stomach!!!!! THAT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Ali says:

    It doesn’t take a college education to figure out that watermelon seeds don’t germinate in your GI tract

  10. n says:

    your parents are sure very selfish… they ate all the seeds cruel 😀

  11. Deejay says:

    Watermelon seeds are essential in human body such as provision of protein, Vitamins, Fat, Mineral and also control high blood pressure. Therefore, feel free to eat them.

  12. young comrade fidelix joseph says:

    i want to know whether is good to eat watermelom with the seed?

  13. The Watermelon Guy says:

    Yes, Young Comrade, it’s perfectly fine to eat watermelon with seeds. In fact, you can also eat the seeds!

  14. Ranjeet Sengar says:

    Eating watermelon seed is very good for health.

  15. Tim Collins says:

    Is it true that the main reason they say you shouldn’t eat the seeds is because our bodies cannot disgust them so they pass straight through to waste?

  16. Judy Booth says:

    How do you tell if a watermelon is right for buying and eating? I keep getting mushy centers and weak tasting watermelon on the dry side.

  17. Swati says:

    Is it safe to eat muskmelon seeds after drying and pealing them?

  18. Foxx75 says:

    I’m glad it’s ok to eat the seeds because It’s a nightmare trying to get them out of the watermelon when i’m cutting it up to store in the fridge! Always seemed like i was wasting more of the melon than necessary!

  19. Patricia Jean says:

    In Sri Lanka people say that the seeds of water mellons have very good nutricional value. They use the seeds as well as the pulp and blend it with a little milk and blend the cold water-mellon into a delicious healthy vitamine filled drink!!! Try it!! Really delicious…especially in hot weather.

  20. Patricia Panton says:

    In Sri Lanka people say that the seeds of water mellons have very good nutricional value. They use the seeds as well as the pulp and blend it with a little milk into a delicious healthy vitamine filled drink!!! Try it!! Really delicious…especially in hot weather.

  21. David Bassey says:

    watermelon seed perfectly ok in human body i eat my watermelon with seed and i’m looking handsome

  22. T.V. says:

    The seeds are a choking hazard, that’s why parents tell the kids these horror stories.

  23. Vikky says:

    Are the raw seeds more healthy than the roasted ones. Or are they like tomatoes that get more healthy when they are cooked?

  24. Edward says:

    It’s been a while so I don’t remember the exact details and my uncle has since passed away. But my uncle had a problem with his colon, a watermelon seed was caught in the folds of his colon and become inflamed. But my question is, I pass watermelon seeds. So how are they healthy if they are not digested??

  25. Omoh says:

    Many a times have been told how healthy watermelon seed is when consume but still i just cant bring myself to consume it.I feel it might choked me or something not until i tried it recently nd it was so kul

  26. baba alhassan umar says:

    at first i didn’t know so i threw away but now eating it because it good for my waist

  27. Emmanuel Anene says:

    I really cherished d information i got about watermelon and its contents. but i still want to know if d seed is used as a water purifier.

  28. fathi says:

    well well well, now l know why l used to have the strongest digestive system and strongest hair on earth, because i had never discarded one seed, even now im my fifties l can’t enjoy my melon if l become engaged spitting the seeds, actualy i enjoy melons more with seeds.

  29. David says:

    Chef Harry you’re very handsome and it must be from eating the seed of watermelon.

  30. Prof A N Agrawal says:

    What is the best way to consume watermelon seeds while not losing its nutritious values?

  31. Margaret says:

    The seeds may be a choking hazard, so parents tell kids not to eat them, but I can guarantee you- I probably have come closer to chocking on a watermelon seed by trying to avoid them, than I ever have from just casually crunching it all up without a care.

  32. Vageto says:

    Mhhnmm idk my mom says that they may clog up your kidney or i for got which part of the body lol. I tell her that they are 100% safe to eat but she just tells me okay then eat then but youll regret it lol.

  33. Angela Toomar says:

    What if you sprout the watermelon seed? Are there health benefits to that? Most seed sprouts are very healthy to eat, but no one seems to do that. Myself included.

  34. Chauncey's Mom says:

    As kids, we used to have “watermelon seed fights” by pinching the black seeds between your thumb & first finger, aiming at the other kids or Grandpa sometimes. It would only work with the black seeds because the white ones wouldn’t “travel”. We had a lot of laughs as little kids.

  35. megan says:

    when I was little my parents told me if I ate watermelon seelds watermelon would grow out of my ears

  36. evanob says:

    Don’t u think water mellow seed can cause appendix to our stomack?

  37. Laticia Kirkaldy says:

    Sterile seedless watermelon is a “hybrid” that would never happen naturally. I don’t know why, but we seem to only have access to seedless watermelon in NYC. If anyone knows where I can get seeded watermelon in NYC, I live in Brooklyn, please post. …Non-gmo “gmo” watermelons are not wanted by most, however given no choice of seeded of course the sale of seedless watermelon would exceed the seeded, duh.

  38. tuan says:


    I’m up in Montreal. Actually, I’ve heard tell that watermelon seeds are highly nutritional, with the ideal balance of zinc to copper, the richest source of plant zinc I’ve come across yet, higher amounts than pumpkin seeds. Given our farmland has long been depleted of zinc because of the high cost of zinc-based fertilizers, and some people are saying 2 billion in the world live with a zinc deficiency, the watermelon is more than just fun to eat. Now, who knows where I can buy them in bulk for shipping to Montreal?? Even if I’m a guy, I’ll risk getting pregnant. Zinc is somewhat of an aphrodisiac. Of all body tissues, zinc is most highly concentrated in the prostate. High zinc in oysters, too, and you know the reputation they have! Anyhow, perhaps that’s how the watermelon fertility story got started in the first place. Ask yer Mama.

  39. The Watermelon Guy says:

    Thanks, Tuan! Watermelon seeds are also highly rich in protein and B vitamins. Just another reason to love watermelon!

  40. P Stedford says:

    My mom always told me I’d get pregnant if I swallowed a water melon seed. I didn’t really care for melons, but I when my boyfriend insisted I eat some, wouldn’t you know I swallowed the dang seeds. Couple of months later, I found out I was pregnant, and that’s the truth!

  41. The Watermelon Guy says:

    I’m not sure which is the best to keep the nutritional value high, but I love eating roasted watermelon seeds!

  42. TOMMYPHARM says:


  43. Manmeet says:

    2- WATER

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