Happy New Year, everyone! As I sit here in disbelief that it’s actually 2016, I’m slowly regaining consciousness from the week-long food coma I slipped into after Christmas. Four Christmas dinners and three holiday parties — just the memory of it is making me hungry for those sweet and spicy meatballs my Aunt Judith made.

Image courtesy of Amazon

Image courtesy of Amazon

Overall, Christmas in the Watermelon household was a success. On Christmas morning, my daughter rushed into our room at 6:30 a.m. to announce that it was, in fact, Christmas Day and Santa had come down our chimney with a mountain of presents. One of her favorite gifts from Santa was a new backpack decorated in true princess fashion, complete with blue bows and glittery straps.

This watermelon backpack ($45 on Amazon) may not be as cool as my five-year-old’s, but it’s still an amazing prize or gift for the watermelon lover in your life. Leave a comment with what you’d carry in this pack, and I’ll choose one comment at random as the winner!



  1. susan syracuse says:

    your wondrous watermelon water

  2. Mary Ann Zumpfe says:

    I would pack a whole bag of coconut watermelon candies. They are bars in the shape of a watermelon slice but are made of coconut. Yummy yummy in the tummy.
    And of course, watermelon flavored water! LOL

  3. Sheila Everett says:

    I would have to let my daughter us it for her first year at college, which will be Vincennes University, what a wonderful way to promote the watermelon in a town that produces many , and the home of the Watermelon Drop on new Years Eve.

  4. Sue Dietrick says:

    As a true watermelon lover, I would carry all of my watermelon carving gear in this way cool backpack!

  5. Eevon khoo says:

    I spend a lot of time outdoor so I’d put some snacks, bottled water, lip gloss, power bank and sunscreen in this cute backpack

  6. Jennifer Essad says:

    I’d carry what I needed for a bike ride to the park, my e-reader, a picnic lunch, my binoculars for bird watching (we’re seeing many migrating right now) and a small blanket for enjoying the sun

  7. Liz says:

    Love that bag.. I’d put my heart in it!

  8. Darlene says:

    I would carry cut up watermelon in containers for a snack when I am out. What a great backpack thanks for the chance!!! Happy New Year to you :)

  9. Ross Remenak says:

    I’d carry a watermelon and utensils in it for a picnic! Very nice!

  10. Kristin G says:

    I would bring it to school and carry all my books and snacks in it.

  11. Melissa Greco says:

    Wow, the backpack is gorgeous! I’d love to have it to replace my old one. I’d put in my glasses, textbooks, stationery, phone, and powerpank!

  12. Carl Franklin Jones says:

    I would carry my fruit carving tools and a couple sweet baby watermelons to carve at the farmer’s market.

  13. Pamela Gaymon says:

    Well For sure I’d pack this with watermelon when I head to the beach!!!Along with all my other beach essentials.

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