May 4th, 2009 by Mark Arney

What about watermelon? That’s a good question. There are so many reasons to choose watermelon all year round (not just in the summer) that answering that question would take, well…a long time. That’s why we created this blog.

As far as we can tell, out of the 70 million blogs in existence, ours is the first one dedicated solely to watermelons. Some might say that’s because there’s not enough material to support a full-time watermelon blog, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. There are all kinds of things to write about when it comes to watermelon!

holdingwatermelonFor example, every other Friday here on What About Watermelon, we’ll feature a different recipe featuring watermelon as an ingredient. There are hundreds (maybe thousands) of recipes to choose from, but we’ll feature some of the best here. The blog will also include a monthly poll, monthly watermelon-related prizes awarded to the author of one comment chosen at random, and a regular “Farmer’s Journal” offering a glimpse of life on a watermelon farm.

We’ve also assembled a panel of watermelon experts – a chef, a farmer, a doctor, and our very own National Watermelon Queen – each of whom are more than happy to answer your watermelon-related questions. To ask a question, visit the “Ask the Experts” section in the sidebar on the right. All questions get a personal answer and some may be featured here on What About Watermelon.

In between all that, we’ll feature all sorts of facts and insight about watermelon. We’ll be updating the blog about three times each week, so check back often. In fact, if you’d like to have new entries e-mailed to you, just enter your e-mail address in the subscription field on the upper right.

So sit back and enjoy the Internet’s first-ever watermelon blog… and don’t forget to leave a comment or two on various entries. We can’t promise it’ll be as refreshing as the real thing, but it should be entertaining!

Mark Arney
Executive Director
National Watermelon Promotion Board

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