Last week, I wrote about my search for a blue watermelon, based on a reader question. Although the search was fruitless (yielding only one suspiciously doctored looking photo), I did also manage to find the striking photo above. Unlike the photo from the previous entry, this one is on-the-record as being doctored. What a shame.


  1. To bad it was doctored, it sure looks good. It is a shame too. Maybe someone’s scientific juices have been stirred and they will start experimenting on producing a blue watermelon. Time will tell, hopefully.

  2. I’m holding out hope for a watermelon that changes colors like a mood ring or one of those gobstoppers that have different colored layers.

  3. blue water melon is called the moon and stars watermelon you can by the seeds in many catalogs produces deep blue exterior and interior

  4. its called Moonmelon, scientifically knows asasidus
    This fruit grows in some parts of Japan , and it’s known for it’s weird blue color
    what you probably don’t know about this fruit , is that it can switch flavors
    after you eat it , everything sour will taste sweet , and everything salty will taste bitter , and it gives water a strong orange-like taste
    this fruit is Very expensive , and it costs about ¥16000 JPY (which is about 200 dollars)

  5. We have a watermelon in our garden this year that is blue on the outside! This is a real surprise. Anyone ever heard of this?

  6. By the way, If you google green watermelon, it will show the same photo from above but it is shown in green.It’s about the 7th photo shown. Definately photoshoped

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