If you’ve ever played dodgeball (or saw the very funny movie by the same name), you know that it’s a sport that can get a little rough at times. I know this firsthand. I spent most of my adolescent years dreading “dodgeball day” in gym class. After the fourth or fifth red rubber ball to the face, you begin to wonder what lessons — if any — are being learned from the game.

So, it’s a little strange that I excitedly joined a dodgeball league (yes, there are leagues for dodgeball) a few years ago with some friends from work. We were terrible. The worst team in the league by a mile. We didn’t win a single game, but we probably had the most fun, mainly because we didn’t really care if we won or lost. In retrospect, maybe that was the lesson my gym teacher was trying to teach us in the 8th grade, although I doubt it.

All of those dodgeball memories, both good and bad, came back to me recently when a friend forwarded me a link to a very funny video/song called “Watermelon Dodgeball.” That’s right, dodgeball with watermelons. Check it out below.

If you thought regular dodgeball was painful, just wait until you’ve played it with a 15-pound fruit being hurled at your head.

NOTE: The idea of playing dodgeball with a watermelon and the video below aren’t meant to be taken seriously. DO NOT play dodgeball with a watermelon. You could get hurt and, worst of all, you’d ruin several perfectly good watermelons!

UP NEXT: How to carve a Jack-O-Melon bat!

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