If you do a Google image search for watermelon, you’ll come across the usual assortment of wedges and other typical photos. But every now and then, you’ll come across something a little unusual. Those crazy watermelon photos are actually more common than you might think. In fact, crazy watermelon photos are a lot more common than, say, crazy apple photos or crazy pineapple photos.

Why so many zany watermelon images? Well, I’d like to think it’s because watermelon is a fun fruit. And when you’ve got a fun fruit in the mix, fun things can happen. Here are four strange watermelon images that caught my eye in a recent search for my favorite fruit.


What are these colorful treats? No, they’re not candies — they’re cake pops. Like most watermelon-themed cakes, I’m not sure if they actually taste like watermelon or simply look like watermelon. Either way, I want one. And, if they taste like watermelon, I want two or three!


No, this isn’t a photo of my house. I wish it were, though. Despite my best attempts to track down this brilliantly-colored home, I really don’t know where it’s located. Wherever it is, I’m sure this homeowner’s neighbors are happy. Why? Because when you live next door to someone who’s cool enough to paint their house to look like watermelon, you know you’ve got a fun and friendly person living next to you.


I’m not sure if this person created one of my favorite carvings (the shark!) and then decided to have a little fun by intentionally sticking it on the dog’s head, or if the dog decided to snack on the carving and got his head stuck in it. Either way, it’s funny. The dog might not be laughing, but I like to think he got a few wedges of watermelon for being such a good sport.


Speaking of dogs, check out this wolf! He just grabbed himself a snack from the watermelon patch and is headed home to enjoy his treat with some friends. Or maybe he’ll eat it all by himself. I’ve done that before. I didn’t carry the watermelon home from the grocery store in my mouth, but I might give that a try next time I leave the store!

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