Three more days. Just 72 more hours until my favorite season of the year begins. That, of course, is summer. To help pass the time over the next 72 hours, you could always have a picnic, which is a good idea because today is International Picnic Day.


I enjoy a good picnic now and then, especially on a nice summer day. The key to a great picnic, of course, is the food. Sandwiches, pasta salad, some watermelon…that’s pretty much all I need. I say that’s all I need, but I usually end up packing way more food than a family of three might need for a casual meal in the park.

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Picnicking is just one of many activities that I’m looking forward to this summer. Our family’s July and August calendar typically includes a trip (or two) to the pool (often combined with the aforementioned picnic), a day at an amusement park, a few baseball games and maybe even a camping trip.

But enough about me — I’m curious about which summer activities YOU’RE looking forward to this summer. Leave a comment with a few examples of fun things on your summer to-do list.

UP NEXT: Growing the world’s largest watermelon

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