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DEE ASKS: Probably twenty years ago, my uncle used to drive to the southern heel of Missouri and into Arkansas to purchase vegetables and fruit to bring back to mid-Missouri and sell. On one of his trips, he brought back an unusual watermelon to show his friends and family. The melon had seeds, but the flesh of the watermelon was blue. Has anyone else heard of this blue fleshed watermelon? We have been trying to find another one in recent years, but everyone we ask in that area says they’ve never heard of them.

As soon as I read your question, Dee, I was immediately consumed by an urge to track down this mysterious blue watermelon. I personally have never heard of a blue watermelon (I’ve seen yellow watermelons), so I asked some of my watermelon farming friends about it. Much to my dismay, they had never heard of it either.

blue watermelonThen I went online to try to track down the elusive watermelon and could only find the photo on the right of what looks like a very blue watermelon, but I think the picture might be the result of editing magic. (As you pointed out in a follow-up to my answer, it’s too much of a coincidence that the watermelon matches the cabinets and everything else in the picture has sort of a bluish tint.) It might be possible to create a blue watermelon using dye, but at this point, I don’t think it’s possible to grow a blue watermelon naturally.

And so, the mystery remains unsolved… for now.


  1. Ellen Kent says:

    Would be nice if somewhere a blue watermelon was found. What would it taste like I wonder? Hope the mystery is solved eventually.

  2. The Watermelon Guy says:

    I agree, Ellen. The discovery of a blue watermelon would be a momentous occasion for watermelon lovers like us.

    So momentous, that I’m willing to offer a reward to the first person to step forward with physical proof of a blue fleshed watermelon. The reward will be (checking my pockets)… Three dollars and 78 cents!

    As for the taste, I imagine it tastes something like real watermelon with a hint of sweet blueberries. Hey, a guy can dream, right?

  3. hmmm says:

    a blue watermelon…? hmmm well i have to say maybe u should search up the diff kinds of watermelon then narrow ur search to where ur uncle bought it then after that if u cant find it then maybe it was just a special type that went extinct or something anyways good luck finding it

  4. reflection says:

    You can see the red of the watermelon in the reflection of the large wedge on the far right. The editor changed the reflection on the butchers knife to be blue, but on the counter top next to it the reflection is red.

  5. The Watermelon Guy says:

    Excellent observation, Reflection!! I pasted the photo into my trusty Microsoft Paint program and enlarged it to get a better look and you’re right!

    Also, even without enlarging the photo, you can see pinkish reflections in the white bowl that the editor overlooked when he or she changed the color of the watermelon.

  6. Lynnette says:

    I think if you water a watermelon plant with water with blue dye for a long period of time, it will turn blue. Only a suggestion… Not sure if it actually works.

  7. storm says:

    im not giving up here I will use every surch engine i can find untile i find a blue watter mellon it only took 2 weeks for me to find a true blue tomato called the smurf so this will be no problem

  8. aria says:

    I saw online that they grow blue watermelons, \moon melons\ in some parts of japan & cost at least $200 USD.

  9. magneticcc says:

    its fake! if you look at the reflection on the counter, you see the actual color. (red)

  10. triskiadeka says:

    Ever since I ate the Awesome Yellow Watermelon in Lebanon PA in 1999, I have been hooked. The farmer also told me about the HoneyCrisp Apples (never heard of them before), and the BLue Watermelon. I have found the expensive apple (well worth up to $2.75lb( for the LARGE APPLES)..I do not pay more, unless they are HUGE. Anyway, I have not found the elusive Blue Melon…I too also thought it would be a mix of BLueberry and Reg. Watermelon. GOod Luck, and let us know if you find them (here in the US)

  11. don middleton says:

    the blue mellon is called a moon mellon from japan

  12. don middleton says:

    but the moon mellon apears to be a hoax

  13. Leah says:

    It’s grown in Japan. It’s rare and expensive. It’s also known to cause water to have an orange flavor after eating it as well as change sweet things either salty or sour and visa versa just can’t remember which one

  14. isa says:

    Did some slight manipulation to make the flesh red, et voila:

  15. anna says:

    the Blue Watermelon is called moon melon, from Japan

  16. Mary says:

    It is a moon melon, found in parts of Japan, and is around $200.00 or more!

  17. Ankit says:

    Fake picture becoz u can see red color near the blue edges when zoomed

  18. Jamie Larson says:

    If you look at the reflection on the black counter top you can see it is a regular water melon

  19. M Khalid says:

    While searching the internet for photos, I found the real image of the milon, and it is red not blue.

  20. rare exotic fruit exprert says:

    its calledd a moonmelon its rare and only found in japan . ask anything you want but its true

  21. Amanda says:

    If there is such a thing as blue watermelon it’s probably scientifically modified.

  22. Eric says:

    Dear “rare exotic fruit exprert”, please get me some more info on these blue watermelons!

  23. melonHead says:

    “rare exotic fruit exprert”, et. al. – the blue ‘moon melon’ is a debunked myth. It doesn’t exist. Please do some research before making outrageous claims.

    Ah… Merikuh.

  24. Lena says:

    There is no such thing as a moon melon, guys. It’s just a hoax.

  25. Didas says:


    How does a watermelon stay fresh or normal uncut and from the garden? or how many days do i need to keep it – out of a fringe and remains edible?

  26. Eric says:

    I know it’s a hoax, i was hoping to see what the “rare exotic fruit exprert” would present as evidence.

  27. hassan says:

    Look closely to the reflection of the watermelon in the knife. This is clearly an edited photo, the reflection of the watermelon in the knife is clearly red.

  28. eve says:

    They do have blue watermelon in the color of blue but they are really expensive and are in Japan

  29. Tony Phylactou says:

    Water melons growing on pavement

  30. chris1989 says:

    i grew the blue watermelon last year and the blue strawberries and black strawberries cause i didnt belive it my self and thay grew blue and black and iam going to grow them agen this year

  31. Kelli Este says:

    Well, I am going to prove that there are such things as blue watermelons. I just received via EBay , seeds to grow blue watermelons. Wish me luck!!!

  32. The Watermelon Guy says:

    Good luck growing your blue watermelons, Kelli! Be sure to check back in with us here on the blog to let us know how it’s going for you! We’d love to see some photos.

  33. Talia Tucker says:

    I too, have ordered seeds on eBay, for the Purple watermelon. No idea how it will go, but will keep posted on how they grow. Also got blue strawberry seeds, white strawberries with red seeds, and black tomatoes. Wish me luck :)

  34. Tammy says:

    I also order the blue and purple watermelon seeds from ebay… wish me luck

  35. The Watermelon Guy says:

    Good luck, Tammy!

  36. Diana Wolfe says:

    I also bought blue and purple watermelon seeds from ebay, I am go7ng to try planting in tires to increase heat since I am in Washington,

  37. Kyra says:

    How did your Blue watermelon and strawberries turn out Kelli and Tammy..?..?
    Maybe no follow up comment suggests the obvious…?…?
    #nofilters #nophotoshop !!

  38. Eric says:

    Safe me the time and money here. How did the growing go?

  39. Phil Shifley says:

    I too just ordered purple watermelon and white tomatoes (and multicolor carrots & sweet peppers)- will try to grow them and report the results (stay tuned) (I WILL COME BACK HERE TO POST RESULTS WITH PHOTO LINKS)

  40. Billy says:

    …….watch this space …………

  41. Michelle Greenleaf says:

    There is such a thing as blue watermelon. Also purple,green,yellow and orange. I am growing blue,purple and green meated watermelons this year.Is there’s any way I can add a picture to this message. Because I have pictures.

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