MATTHEW L. OF INDIANAPOLIS, IN ASKS: Where can I get seeded watermelon? I would like to have them shipped to me or I’ll pick them up.

I hear you loud and clear, Matthew. It seems like all you can find these days are seedless watermelons, but every now and then, for old time’s sake, it would be nice to have one with seeds, right?  

While the seedless and mini varieties have taken over in popularity and demand, there certainly are still many folks who grow and sell the seeded watermelons, oblong in shape, chock full of black seeds. I get a lot of comments from people who remember the long, sweet watermelons of their youth and do not think that the seedless varieties are as good, but there is no science that supports the notion that a seeded watermelon is sweeter than a seedless.

If you really have a yearning for seeded watermelons, there are two things you can do: 1) check your local farmers’ markets and 2) talk to your local produce manager at your grocery store. He can take the request up to the store’s buyers. If a buyer believes that his customers will buy a seeded watermelon, he’ll be more apt to supply for the store. If he won’t stock
seeded watermelon (which isn’t likely), ask him if he knows where you might find some.

Hope this helps,
The Watermelon Guy


  1. Ellen says:

    I eat seeded or seedless watermelon but I prefer seedless. Who wants to pick out all those seeds, it’s just to much work.

  2. The Watermelon Guy says:

    I also prefer seedless watermelon, but every now and then a watermelon with seeds is nice. I guess it’s sort of nostalgic for me. The seeds remind me of eating watermelon during my childhood.

  3. Julie says:

    The seeds are good for you and if put all together all pretty tasty. I was on a special diet years ago that required you to eat the seeds. I acquired a taste for them. But I cannot find them. I can find pumpkin seeds (roasted). Why not watermelon seeds! No need to pick them out at all, just eat them!

  4. Faye says:

    Consider what they have to do to the watermelons to make them seedless, which is completely UNnatural. It involves chemicals and genetically altering the seeds that grow the seedless watermelon. There is a lot of genetic modification going on with our foods, being done mostly by chemical companies. Hmmm… chemicals and food… a questionable combination at best. Did you know that they are even putting animal cells or HUMAN cells in certain vegetables??? Oh yes, it is a mad scientist ugly thing going on. Educate yourself. There’s more to watermelon with seeds than just the “inconvenience” of spitting out seeds. It’s REAL watermelon. The other stuff… not so much!

  5. Lynn says:

    I would love to find the seeded watermelons. They taste so much better and sweeter than those seedless bland tasting ones. I broke down and bought another seedless one today and it absolutely had not flavor at all. I am afraid that american people are getting too lazy to eat good food and prefer the cardboard taste of seeless melons. I guess next spring I will plant my own so I can have them during the summer.

  6. Ray says:


  7. Joan says:

    I agree with Lynn from July 11, 2011. I do think people in this country are lazy when it comes to eating. Everyone is in such a rush, I don’t think they enjoy the simple joys in life, like a seeded watermelon. it reminds me of Lent when shad is in season, I can remember having a date with my grandmother, and enjoying a whole fish with bones, and WOW what a difference in tasting a SHAD Fish when it has bones, in it. But it is work, but the flavor is wonderful…Folks, take the time and enjoy the simple joys in Life!!!!!

  8. Bill says:

    I want watermelons with seeds. Not one store around my area carries them. They all carry the smaller, seedless variety that have zero flavor. Did someone just decide that the consumer wants these small watermelons? Help National Watermelon Promotion Board!

  9. Sonja says:

    I agree that there is really only one TRUE watermelon and it has seeds. ANything else as one guy said is wanna be watermelon. I am going to start going to the produce manager’s in the stores I spend my money and ask for REAL watermelon, the ones oblong with seeds. I started buying my off the trucks but haven’t even seen them lately.

  10. Stephen Blackpool says:

    Watermelon seeds are the greatest things for the kidneys that you can put into the body. Dr Bernard Jensen, Foods That Heal.

  11. Fujite says:

    I really miss the good old seeded watermelons, the seedless variety simply does not compare in taste. I don’t even eat watermelon anymore since all I can find are seedless.

  12. Ray says:

    I love NATURAL NONE GMO Fruits and vegetables & HATE GMO.
    Actually most of the nutrients and “Embryonic Cells” are inside the SEEDS. People that spit the seeds out are IDIOTS !!!

    Unfortunately IDIOTS rule our nation’s food supply.

  13. Ruth says:

    When the natural process was altered we lost much more than seeds. Anyone who claims the taste was unaffected wasn’t around or didn’t care much about the watermelons (circa 60s-70s) that capped off summer picnics or a childhood of anticipation after the hotdog roast on a Sunday evening … there is a mountain of difference in the taste. I love watermelon, always have, but the pale, bland, seedless variety sold today does nothing to satisfy! Time and again I buy a melon that looks great and passes the thump test only to throw it out. The one I bought yesterday tasted more like cucumber than a watermelon. God made a perfect fruit … why does man think he can do better? Nature rules!

  14. Melissa says:

    I was at a 4th of July barbecue and had seedless “watermelon” at the end. It was tasteless and no where near what I remember as a kid growing up. Even if they did (seedless) taste the same, I’d still want the seeds back because it was perfect the way it was. Oh for a oblong, red, juicy, sweet, full of black seeds, unaltered watermelon! Yum!

  15. Sara says:

    I grow up with seeds. The melon has a better taste, then those without. Where can I find them in the St. Louis, Missouri area?

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