JOHN K. OF NEW BLOOMFIELD, PA, ASKS: What’s the best kind of watermelon?

Great question, John. Your inquiry may be only six words, but it couldn’t be more difficult to answer.

Within the main categories of seedless, picnic (seeded), ice box and yellow flesh watermelons are hundred of different types, many of which are very closely related because they are literally closely related. What I mean by that is that many watermelon are crossbred to produce a product that has the best attributes of both contributing varieties.

Below is a chart from the National Watermelon Promotion Board website that outlines just a few of the more than 200 varieties of watermelon grown here in the United States.

While this chart doesn’t tell you which types are better, I can tell you that one of the most popular varieties of watermelon is the Crimson Sweet, which is prized for its deep, red, very sweet flesh. It’s also popular among growers of all experience levels because it’s a hearty, relatively easy watermelon to grow.

Although the exact variety of watermelon you might buy in the grocery store is often unknown (if it’s a seedless, it could be one of several varieties), it’s a pretty safe bet that the best type of watermelon is the kind that’s sitting right in front of you and ready to be eaten. I know that’s an easy way to answer your question, but it’s true, right? For a more detailed look at 18 popular types of watermelon, check out this handy slide show on the Saveur website. It might not answer your question, but it’ll definitely make you very hungry.

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  1. Kiyana says:

    How do I pick a good watermelon at the grocery store?

  2. michael burns says:

    This summer I grew Moon and Stars, Allsweet, and Jubilee. I sold some and gave some away to my family and the general consensus was that the Moon and Stars was the sweetest of the three and had the best flavor. I had one M and S that was 40lb and several over 30lb. But I believe I’ll try some Sangrias next year since everything I’ve read about is that they are real sweet.

  3. Tabitha Jones says:

    I was looking for a Bush type watermelon, one that will not vine out or that dose not need a large area. Do you have any suggestions?

  4. Mike says:

    I planted some moon and star melons and they never would ripen fully. After 120+ days the stem still was green. I had one that was 42 lbs but was not very good. The others were the same.
    What did I do wrong . Thanks for any help.

  5. Mike Lackner says:

    I tried Apple Melon, Moon & Stars red flesh, Orange Krush, White Wonder and Golden Crown this year. Each had it’s own appeal in some shape or form. The sweetest and my favorite was Orange Krush.

  6. Patricia A Jackson says:

    I didn’t know that there was more than one type of watermelon I am from Mississippi originally and I ate the dark seeded and very red meat but as I grew older I move north and they are not as sweet the way I like them I haven’t found a grocery store that has them they have them not the dark seeded one’s I live in Michigan any suggestion on location I am willingtodrive a hundred miles to find them that how much I love them breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late snack !!!!!!

  7. ellen says:

    I have a question, I have a hanging basket with a plant that is growing in it that I did not plant, I decided to let it grow to see what it maybe, It has a type of watermelon leaf, with little like green with strips and things that look like prongs as the skin of it. Is this a watermelon or not? A little yellow flower comes on and then this forms into what looks like a watermelon except it has these like a protector prongs all over it.

  8. The Watermelon Guy says:

    The yellow flower is indicative of many plants, unfortunately, so the best way to tell if it’s a watermelon plant is by the leaves. Check out this post from before: That should give you a good idea of what kind of plant you have. Hopefully, it’s watermelon and in a few short weeks, you can chop it up and enjoy!

  9. Chetan Patel says:

    Crimson sweet is the sweetest variety in water melon.Can I grow this variety in
    Can we make square watermelon (Japan style) from this variety?

  10. Chetan Patel says:

    Can I grow this variety in India?

  11. The Watermelon Guy says:

    Hi there, Chetan! Crimson sweet is probably my favorite type of watermelon (but don’t tell the others!). I wrote about the square watermelons before in this post:

    You should be able to grow crimson sweets in the molds. Just be sure to seal it properly, or your watermelon may not be so square… or intact.

  12. Robert Gillis says:

    What varieties have rind thick enough to make good pickles? Many store-bought melons have skin so thin that pickling is not possible. When selecting a melon, how can you judge the thickness?

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