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Jill Jayne is a registered dietitian and the energetic, creative force behind Jump with Jill, a health program that PICmakes nutrition and health fun for kids by combining music with entertaining fitness lessons. The live Jump with Jill show has been performed 1,000 times for 250,000 kids all over the United States and Europe.

Jump with Jill has also partnered with the National Watermelon Promotion Board in each of the last four years to help get people excited about watermelon.

Yes, watermelon has been front-and-center in Jill’s shows, and a headphone-wearing watermelon mascot named DJ Homeslice has been one of the stars. (That’s J. Slice with Jill on the right and DJ Homeslice on the orange pedestal below.)


DJ Homeslice also accompanies Jill in some of her “Watermelon Workouts” music videos. Last year, I showed you Jill’s ode to “Rocky” (which was shot in Rocky’s hometown of Philadelphia). She’s also created a “Flashdance”-style video — with DJ Homeslice along for all the action — which she filmed in Pittsburgh. Check it out below, and relive the crazy 80’s all over again!

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