yellowfleshImagine biting into an apple and discovering the inside is blue. Or cutting into an orange and seeing a nice shade of green. It might freak you out a little bit, right? Maybe make you think twice about eating it?

That’s what the Yellow Flesh watermelon is like. The normally pinkish-red flesh we’re used to seeing in watermelon is, well, yellow. But it shouldn’t freak you out because it’s supposed to be that way. And you should definitely eat it because it’s delicious.

The Yellow Flesh – also known as the Yellow Crimson, and the almost identical twin of the red-fleshed Crimson Sweet – is described by some as having a sweeter, almost honey-like taste than regular watermelons. I’ve never had a yellow flesh watermelon, but based on that description, I’m now dying to try one.

Related to the Yellow Flesh is the Desert King Yellow watermelon (with a yellowish, light green exterior and prized for being able to grow in dry conditions), the Yellow Flesh Black Diamond watermelon, the Tastigold watermelon and a few other similar varieties. You can read more about the yellow fleshed family here.

What’s funny is, from the outside, the Yellow Flesh looks just like any other watermelon. It might actually make for a nice little prank, substituting your mother or cousin’s traditional watermelon with one of these varieties and then enjoying the show while they cut into it for the first time. Okay, maybe it’s not that funny, but I’d get a chuckle out of it.


  1. EFP says:

    A co-worker inadvertently picked up a container thinking it was cut up pineapple; when they got to the office and read the label to their surprise the label read watermelon. Most of the office couldn’t believe it was watermelon. Being adventurous I tasted it and it was delicious ………just like a red fleshed watermelon. It was purchased at Brooklyn Fare in downtown Brooklyn, NY.

  2. deb says:

    is it or the seed genetics altered to make it yellow or is it that way by nature? Curious.

  3. arime says:

    I have tasted the yellow flesh watermelon. I bought one at an Asian supermarket thinking it was the red fleshed one XD… As soon as you try to cut through, the watermelon itself opens up. It has a sweeter taste and lighter texture. Delicious!

  4. RICHARD says:

    I just cut open a watermellow ,thinking it would be red and I was surprised when I saw this yellow watermellow. I had to call my daughter-in-law and ask about it and she also had not seen one, of heard of one , she said she would go online and look into it. I thought when I open it , it was a bad watermellow , but it smelled so good and tasted better than the red varity.

  5. JOHN says:


  6. Krish says:

    We were little taken aback to see a yellow colour inside. We googled and found picures of yellow ones…

  7. katrina says:

    My farmers market here in Maine offers these yellow “yellow-crimson” fleshed watermellons. They are light, delicious and go really fast. This farm puts out samples to taste and explains the varieties of this and other,not so well known mellons. If you are ever in Belfast,Maine in growing season, check out the Friday market.

  8. Roland says:

    I remember eating one when I was around 6 or 7yrs old. I remember biting into to it and the explosion of sweetness that occurred in my mouth. I’m now 23 and I have yet to have seen another yellow flesh watermelon… :(

  9. JMS0211 says:

    I went to Walmart yesterday and I brought a watermellan home. I just cut it open and its YELLOW! I googled and found this info. I tasted it! wow, it is sooo good! My first thought when I saw this was throw it out or send Walmart an email that I want my money back so glad I did a bit of research first!

  10. CuteRoses says:

    I just cut a watermelon that i bought from our regular Fruit Vendor (And he didn’t say anything special about it! ;))……. And guess what!
    It was fluorescent YELLOW!!!!
    The first thought that came into my mind was “Either the plant was deceased or it’s colour was modified!!”, then I looked it up, and well, ended up on this article!

    WOW! Its amazing, and tastes amazing too! :)

    Thanx for the info!!! xD

  11. Marlene says:

    My husband got some fruits and vegetables from a farmers market give away at a local church, when he came home with a watermelon I was excited because it was hot that day and a watermelon would be a perfect treat. when I cut the watermelon, my initial reaction was that the church was giving away bad food, I told my husband he should take everything back and let them know that the food they were giving to people was no good, then I thought maybe it was an exotic melon that I’ve never had before until I investigated and found out that yellow flesh watermelons really do exist and they’re absolutely delicious

  12. [...] I didn’t. But it does! And it tastes pretty much the same as regular watermelon. Here is a website with additional information. The authors are highly enthusiastic about the yellow variety. Two things that are particularly [...]

  13. CatKiki says:

    We were given a watermelon last week. My husband just cut it open today and was floored that the flesh was yellow. I searched on the internet and found this article. He was delighted that it tastes so good. We are going to save the seeds and plant some next spring.

  14. WOW says:

    one time my friend bought a pineapple, took it home to his wife and handed it to her and the look on her face was huge. ” this is a watermelon,” She said. He said it was a pineapple and told her to cut it open and she did and it was yellow and she agreed that it was a pineapple.

  15. Amber says:

    I recently moved to Bangkok, and absolutely love picking up a variety of fruits at the local street stands (whole bags of fresh-cut fruit for less than a $1?? OKAY!). Suddenly this month, I’ve started seeing these yellow watermelons, and finally picked one up. I’m hooked!! Just as others have said, it’s much sweeter and lighter than the normal variety. If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend finding one soon!

  16. shannster says:

    I have had the chance to go to a pick your wn watermelon farn and i asked the difference between the darker green melons and the lighter green melons…. to my suprise i learned the lighter green is the yellow inside melons… so i got one and ever since i have favored the yellow fleshed ones

  17. Tahj_Lover of Exotic Fruit says:

    For the very first time today I saw one! Driving past a roadside fruit stand in Jamaica I did a double-take but of course my “driver” (actually the boyfriend who does not eat fruit unless is washed,prepped and explained)looked at my excited face and kept driving. Hopefully I’ll get another chance soon…

  18. mie2000 says:

    I saw it in the supermarket. I thought yellow watermelon its gotta be horrible…. Well, I thought I would try it. It was so good. that was two years maybe and I’ve never been able to find it in any stores.

  19. kuwa huwa says:

    My father had prepared this on the dinner table, and as I entered I asked him why there was a bowl of sliced pineapples. He glared at me, and then I ate one.


  20. rayden says:

    It’s so funny to stumble upon this article and reading how everybody here has not tried yellow watermelon before. I live in South East Asia and I guess here it’s the norm to see and eat both red and yellow watermelon, it’s surprising though how in western countries, yellow watermelon is a rarity and not alot of people know about it.

  21. alicia says:

    I tasted these before and it’s really delicious! However, I’m wondering where do these yellow watermelons grow? I was told it’s from Thailand.

  22. CheriBella says:

    I was at the grocery store today and they had yellow flesh watermelon in haves and quarters… My curiosity got the best of me and I was expecting I to be sour melon… I was soooo wrong! Super sweet and DELICIOUS!

  23. Nono says:

    My mom just bought one (which is what lead me to this site) and our family is so confused, but loving. It seems less watery to me (but then again it was a precut melon) and it felt weird eating. It basically tastes the same, and I’d love to prank someone with one.

  24. Arthur Dale says:

    I first saw yellow flesh watermelons in Houston when I was 13 years old in 1951. The yellow seedless are especially tasty.

  25. Virginia says:

    I just tasted this watermelon today. My son works at a Grocery Store, and he knows how to pick the ripe watermelons. He thought he had bought a ripe red watermelon, but when he cut it open it was yellow. He thought he had made a mistake this time and picked an unripe watermelon. To both of our surprise we tasted it, and it was really sweet and delicious!!

  26. Valerie Y (Miami) says:

    I saw yellow watermelon for the first time this week at my Publix. It was cut in quarters and wrapped. Out of curiosity I bought it and I love it SO much more than the red variety!!! It lasted 3 days – just ate the last of it – and I plan on stopping by the store on the way home….praying that they’ll still have more!!! I found it to be sweeter, juicier, and it had a nicer consistency to me!

  27. Steve M (UK) says:

    The season for the yellow watermelon seems a short one in the UK but the texture is better than the Red ones & the taste so much sweeter

  28. Lim Lynn says:

    My daily farmer market near my house successfully planted Crimson Yellow small Watermelon taste sweeter 10x more than the normal red watermelon.

  29. B.Lou says:

    I just tasted one that I bought at our local Farmers Market. Wow! I love it…very sweet and tender Try it…you’ll like it!

  30. Joe says:

    What a horrible surprise. We hated it since it had no aroma, and no taste. That was the price of a real watermellon thrown away. Not only an unwelcome surprise, but very distasteful. Horrible!

  31. BamaFan99 says:

    Wow, y’all must have bad red watermelons where you live because that’s exactly what the yellow one tastes like to me. Both varieties are grown here in south Alabama. Joe is correct, the yellow doesn’t have the wonderful fresh cut watermelon aroma when it’s cut. The taste doesn’t even come close..the red is better by far!

  32. Andre says:

    Just picked up some yellow watermelon from a off street watermelon vendor in the Bx n it was so sweet light n delicious…. Very rare to find but tastes oh so good

  33. MegaMewMaster says:

    It is amazingly good. My dad was cutting it open when he found it yellow. After you bite, it becomes soft as a sponge and all the flavor goes in your mouth.

  34. MegaMewMaster says:

    BamaFan99 and Joe You 2 are all wrong. You must have gotten bad ones. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  35. Dumb Albert says:

    I put wateryellow on the fruit salad and grandma ate it, surprised she thought it was prineapple but, she like it so we told Barney to eat one more! I like red water mellan better because its color is sweet and juicy. Enjoy!

  36. Pink says:

    I’ve never had one befor but I really won’t to eat one so bad I hope it’s really good.☺

  37. Idrissa Bonivel says:

    I haven’t had a yellow meat watermelon in over 45 years I grew up in the south Macon,Georgia and my father grew them along with other fruits are

  38. Rich says:

    It tastes exactly the same as red watermelon, though the one I had had a crisper texture than any red watermelon I’ve ever had.

  39. Tim says:

    I just picked my first watermellon of the year. At first I thought I screwed up. But I kept cutting. I thought there might be a hybrid that was yellow. Best damn watermelon I’ve had in a long time. Everything weve purchased thus year tasted like crap. Missouri isnt known for its watermelons – until now

  40. Ain't nobody got time for that says:

    I just had it ^.^ it taste alright sweet but i prefer the red normal one because seeing the yellow one disgust me… Its as if it’s Spoiled or so but it taste like the the the Red one but just a bit sweeter

  41. Deb says:

    My husband stopped by a farm house yesterday on his way home from work, they were selling fresh produce. He brought home a small watermelon and we decided to cut in to it after dinner tonight. My was I surprised to see yellow inside! My first reaction is something is wrong with it! He tried it and said it’s really good! I would try till I called my 70 yr old mom and asked her about it. She has never heard of it either so I googled and wow I’m so surprised what I read. I’m having some now!! Yum!

  42. Diego says:

    My aunt just brought some it was amazing

  43. [...] in half and it was yellow! A perfectly green skin, with bright yellow flesh! It’s a real thing, and takes exactly like a regular pink [...]

  44. WES says:

    I enjoyed the yellow skin watermelon and it keep me from smoking I don’t know why,all I known is that I m no longer a smoker . My question is wheather it was discover or is it man made ?
    In any case if I had the funding to make it a pill it would be the number pill to help other quite smoking.

    Let me explain: I bought the so call yellow skin wetermelon, yet I did thing it was yellow inside I thought it was just the name .any way it was great and at first I didn’t realize how the smell of cigarette bother me and as I ate more of it, the more the smoke get to me more . please understand I enjoyed been a smokers before I started eating the yellow skin watermelon. The problem was I couldn’t find more of the yellow skin watermelon and I started smoking again. my wife order the seeds for she also notices that as I ate the fruit smoking and I were no longer comparable. I didn’t plan it yet I m glad it happen.

  45. Me says:

    Ive tried yellow watermelons since i was 6 their my fave type but they are usually exported from hong kong or taiwan i forgot

  46. independent says:

    Brought a yellow fleshed watermelon on the side of the road just outside of gatton, love it…very sweet and exrta juicy…

  47. Barbara says:

    My first experience with a Texas Yellow Meat watermelon was back in the 90′s. I was instantly hooked; all of the best things about watermelon is amplified in this variety. For a few years, I had no problem finding them. Then I moved to Alabama for a few years. When I came back home, I could no longer find them in my local grocery stores. Asking about them has led more than a few folks to think I’m off my rocker. Grocery managers just thought I was pulling their leg or something. I found several seed companies selling yellow varieties but none under the “Texas Yellow Meat” moniker. It’s fine though because I will just grow as many varieties as I can until I find my favorite.

  48. mike says:

    I live in south Carolina,and grow up on a farm. And thease yellow watermelon,s are not really rare.BUT THEY ARE GOOD.The rare one,s are blue inside,and they too are very,very,very good but are very rare.Don,t take my word,look it up.

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