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No, the watermelon raisin bread you see above wasn’t created using some Photoshop trickery. It was actually baked like that, and it’s really not that hard. Check out the video below for a step-by-step tutorial. It’s about seven minutes long, but it’s an entertaining and informative seven minutes, especially for someone like me who’s never made homemade bread before.

It’s essentially made with a core of red dough, which is wrapped in a layer of white dough and then a layer of green dough. Believe it or not, that’s it.

The recipe for this magical creation can be found in the description of the video on YouTube. As the creator notes during the video, it was actually inspired by a recipe for watermelon chocolate chip bread (check that one out here). The watermelon chocolate chip bread didn’t include the white later (only green and red), and the chocolate chips tended to smear when the bread was cut, so the star of this video used raisins instead.

If I’m ever feeling extremely ambitious on a weekend this spring or summer, I might try to recreate this masterpiece myself. If I do attempt it, I promise to post the results here on the blog, not matter how horrible those results might look!

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