Last month’s attempt to make a New York Cheesecake with Watermelon and Blueberry Sauce was so successful, I made another cheesecake two weeks later. It’s true! Oh sure, I gained about five pounds over those two weeks, but it was totally worth it.

For this month’s attempt to keep my new year’s resolution alive (preparing more meals with watermelon), I’m sticking with the dessert theme by creating Watermelon Pie A La Mode.

It’s a little simpler than cheesecake and a lot healthier, too. And guess what? It’s almost as delicious. Of course, just about anything topped with a scoop of ice cream is going to be tasty, but that’s just my opinion.


As far as recipes go, this one is pretty simple: just watermelon, pound cake, ice cream, and cherry syrup. The recipe on the website calls for frozen yogurt and strawberry syrup, but I made a few substitutions. Feel free to do the same with yours.


The first step will be to cut the pound cake into thin slices (about a quarter to half an inch thick) and then cut those slices into pie-shaped wedges.


After you’ve cut your pound cake wedges, you’ll do the same with your watermelon. Feel free to use your pound cake wedge as a template for how big your watermelon wedge should be. As for the thickness, that’s up to you, but I made mind about three-quarters to one-inch thick.


After your watermelon is stacked on top of your pound cake, top it with a scoop of ice cream and drizzle it with the sauce of your choice. It makes a great spring or summer dessert or, if you’re like me, a great breakfast. Enjoy!

For more recipes using watermelon, check out the “Recipes” section of the National Watermelon Promotion Board website.

UP NEXT: Should I buy watermelon or grow my own?

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